Past Conferences and Themes


Year Site Theme
2023 New Orleans, LA   Ceci est un thème de conférence (This is a conference theme)<Link to Site>
2022 Las Vegas, NV   Raising the Stakes on Representation<Link to Site>
2021 Montreal, Quebec, Canada (April 2022) Inclusivity, Togetherness, Community, and the Sociology of Sport in a Post(?)-Covid World  <Link to Site>
2020 *Virtual* Change Agents’: Cultivating the Seeds of Access within the Sociology of Sport <Link to Site>
2019 Virginia Beach, VA Decolonizing Minds Indigenizing Hearts<Link to Site>
2018 Vancouver, BC Sport Soundtrack: Sport, Music, and Culture <Link to Site>
2017 Windsor, Ontario Sport Matters: Physics, Politics, Performances, Pedagogies < Link to Site > 
2016 Tampa Bay, FL Publicly Engaged Sociology of Sport
2015 Santa Fe, NM Sports at/on the Borderlands: Translations, Transitions, and Transgressions
2014 Portland, OR The Sporting Arena: Academics, Activists, and Activism[s]
2013 Quebec City Constructs of Globalization and Cultural Competencies: Navigating a Changing Global Economy
2012 New Orleans, LA Sport in Place
2011 Minneapolis, MN Revolutionizing Sporting Bodies: Technologies in Practice
2010 San Diego, CA Producing Knowledge, Producing Bodies: Cross-Currents in Sociologies of Sport and Physical Culture
2009 Ottawa Sport and Bodily Culture in Hard Times
2008 Denver, CO Sport and Peace/Social (In)Justice
2007 Pittsburgh, PA Beyond Other Boundaries: Sport Within/Against/Across Borders
2006 Vancouver Reimagining Community/Re-envisioning Sport
2005 Winston-Salem, NC Sport/Empires/Globalization
2004 Tucson, AZ Interdisciplinary Dialogues
2003 Montréal, Québec Sport and Human Rights
2002 Indianapolis, IN Sports Organizations: Their Role in Social and Economic Development
2001 San Antonio, TX Marginality, Power, and Sport
2000 Colorado Springs, CO Sport and Social Justice: What have we learned? What shall we do/teach?
1999 Cleveland, OH Sociology of Sport at the Millennium: Making a Difference
1998 Las Vegas, NV Ways of Seeing: Evaluating Sport Sociology
1997 Toronto Border Crossings: Sports, Bodies, and the Third Millennium
1996 Birmingham, AL Civil Rights/Human Rights: Intersections of Difference
1995 Sacramento, CA Cultural Diversity and the Sport Experience
1994 Savannah, GA Overcoming Inequalities in Sport
1993 Ottawa Political Economy of Sport
1992 Toledo, OH Sub/Versions: Rethinking Resistance/Re-making Sport
1991 Milwaukee, WI The Body and Sport as Contested Terrain
1990 Denver, CO Reflections and Projections
1989 Washington, D.C. Exploring New Directions for Sport Sociology and Philosophy
1988 Cincinnati, OH Sport in the Social Context
1987 Edmonton, Alberta Sport and Social Deviance
1986 Las Vegas, NV National and International Sociological Perspectives on Sport
1985 Boston, MA Sport and Social Change
1984 Eugene, OR In conjunction with the Olympic Scientific Congress
1983 St. Louis, MO Sport and Social Institutions
1982 Toronto, Canada The Sociological Imagination: Issues in American and Canadian Sport
1981 Ft. Worth, TX Social Theory and the Future of Sport Sociology
1980 Denver, CO (No Theme)