Service Excellence Award

The NASSS Service Excellence Award is awarded at our annual meeting to an individual who has offered distinguished service and long time contributions to the organization (NASSS), and/or the area of the sociology of sport more generally.

Criteria may include, but is not limited to:

  • service to NASSS as an organization
  • scholarly impact on the field through the discipline of the sociology of sport


  • Nominators will submit—in the form of a letter—a one to two page statement on a nominee whom you believe is a worthy recipient of this award.  The letter should describe in some detail the reasons why NASSS should recognize the recipient.
  • Nominations may be submitted by an individual, or jointly by a group of individual NASSS member(s).
  • It is not required that the nominee or recipient be a NASSS member.  Nor is service to the organization as an elected officer a sufficient or required criteria.

The Committee, which includes long-standing NASSS members and past-award recipient(s), look forward to reviewing the nominations. The call for nominations and deadline for submission will be announced in Summer 2018.


2017Gertrud Pfister (Københavns Universitet)
2017Eric Dunning (University of Leicester)
2016Norman Denzin (University of Illinois)
2015Mary Jo Kane (University of Minnesota)
2014R. Vivian Acosta (Brooklyn College) and Linda Jean Carpenter (Brooklyn College)
2013Nancy Spencer (Bowling Green University)
2012Merrill Melnick (SUNY Brookport) &  Peter Donnelly (University of Toronto)
2011Don Sabo (D’Youville College) & Gary Sailes (Indiana University)
2010Joseph Maguire (Loughborough University)
2009Susan Birrell (University of Iowa) & Harry Edwards (University of California, Berkeley)
2008Jennifer Hargreaves (Universities of Surrey and Brighton, UK) & Richard Lapchick (University of Central Florida)
2007Mike Malec (Boston College) & Michael Messner (University of Southern California)
2006Vicky Paraschak (University of Windsor)
2005Nancy Theberge (University of Waterloo)
2004Jim Frey (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)
2003John Loy (Universities of Illinois and Otago)
2002Andrew Yiannakis (University of Connecticut) & Susan Greendorfer (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
2001George Sage (University of Northern Colorado) &  D. Stanley Eitzen (Colorado State University)
1996Jay Coakley (University of Colorado–Colorado Springs), Gunther Lueschen (University of Alabama), & Lee Vander Velden (University of Maryland)
Gerald Kenyon (Universities of Wisconsin and Waterloo)