The following is a list of podcasts that address various aspects of sociology.

Podcasts Hosted or Produced by NASSS Members

Dear Adam Silver: Basketball + art, politics, and social issues with Abigail Smithson
Fire on the Ice : Examining aging and winter sport, with Kristi Allain
I Have Questions: Making sense of sport fandom, commitment, and the human experience with Tunisha Singleton
Media Sport Podcast Series: Focusing on the intersections of sport and media, with Brett Hutchins
Somatic Podcast: On bodies in motion, with Oliver Rick and Sam Clevenger
The Creative Native: On Native athletes, with Natalie Welch
The End of Sport: On capitalist sport and harm, with Derek Silva and Nathan Kalman-Lamb
Tucker Center Talks: Interviews with gender and sport scholars, with Nicole M. LaVoi

Podcasts Recommended by NASSS Members

Bill Rhoden On Sports: Sports on and off the court, including the intersection of sports, race, and politics
Burn It All Down: Feminist sports podcast
Edge of Sports: Where sports and politics collide
Forward Progress: Contemporary stories of social progress in sports
Going Deep: Sports in the 21st Century: Pressing issues in sports and society
The Black Athlete Podcast: Historians on race and sport
The Sport Professor: An insightful look into the world of sports
The Sporting  Spirit: Current issues in sport that polarize public opinion
Transforming Sport: Transforming sport itself and stories of how sport transforms people and communities


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