Social Media & Electronic Communications

Where We Share:
NASSS volunteers are responsible for maintaining the following communication platforms:

What We Share: Please view our NASSS Communication Guidelines to see what we share.

How to Share:   Use the  Links Below to Fill Out the Communication Request Form

  • Non-members who wish to share to the listserv should fill out the Communications Request form:
  • Members or non-members who wish to share information about Achievements or Cross-Postings for other sport-related organizations should complete the Communications Request Form.
  • Members can share directly to the listserv. For more information, visit


  1. Promote NASSS as an organization and use communications to fulfill its mission.
  2. Disseminate NASSS Members’ scholarship and achievements.
  3. Promote scholarship (broadly understood) of the sociology of sport.
  4. Share professional development opportunities related to the sociology of sport and of interest to NASSS members.

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