Resolutions may be proposed by any member with voting rights in NASSS. Proposed resolutions must be submitted in writing with supporting rationale to the President at least ninety (90) days before the opening of the annual meeting. Proposed resolutions should further the mission of NASSS and be supported by empirical evidence and/or academic research. Given NASSS is a 501(c)3 organization, NASSS cannot adopt resolutions in support of a political candidate, political party, or other political entity or Approved Revisions 4 August 2017 TW BB15 organization. The President will distribute the resolution to the members of the NASSS Board of Directors and the Board of Directors shall review all proposed resolutions, but make no substantive changes in a proposed resolution without the consent of the originator(s). If the Board of Directors approves the resolution, and such approval will be based on the following criteria: use of appropriate resolution format and style; alignment with the mission of NASSS; and support of the resolution based on empirical evidence and/or academic research, the President shall electronically notify the membership of resolution proposals no later than thirty (30) days before the opening of the annual meeting. To be adopted, a resolution will pass by a simple majority of the votes cast by members with voting rights present or represented by proxy at the annual meeting. In the case of a time-sensitive proposed resolution, a resolution will pass by a simple majority of the votes cast by members with voting rights via electronic ballot to be distributed by the elections committee. If 10 percent or more of the membership that
participate in the vote is opposed to the proposed resolution, they have the opportunity to submit a minority report.

The following lists important resolutions passed by NASSS.

Native American Imagery Resolution [October 2005] - PDF

Resolution to Discontinue Sex Testing in Sports [December 2020] - PDF

Public Statements

Public statements are important positions that many members support. These are not formally voted on by the membership, but members have the opportunity to sign their names in support.

The following lists important public statements adopted by NASSS members.

Public Response to Presidential Executive Order on US Travel (Jan 2017)

Public Statement on Anti Asian Racism (May 2020)

Public Statement on Anti-Black Violence (June 2020)

Public Response to World Rugby Proposed Ban on Transgender Athlete Participation (September 2020)

Public Statement on Anti-Trans Laws and Bills in Sport (April 2021)

NASSS Public Statement on Palestinians, Israel, and State Violence (June 2021)

NASSS Public Statement on Afghanistan Issue (September 2021)

NASSS Public Statement on Taking Athletes as Political Prisoners (December 2022)

NASSS Public Statement on Academic Freedom in Higher Education (April 2023)