NASSS Committees

The descriptions are abbreviated. Detailed information is available online in the bylaws and in the  policies and procedures manual . In selecting committee members, each chair seeks to seat a committee that reflects the diversity of NASSS membership, paying attention to numerous factors, such as: subject of expertise, methodological and paradigmatic approach, nationality, race/ethnicity, gender, and organizational seniority.

2020 committees will be formed and posted by February 2020.

Information  about the Sociology of Sport Journal (SSJ) editorial board can be found here.

Organizational Committees

Conference Program Committee

The Conference Program Committee & Chair generates program session topics, approaches individuals about organizing sessions, works toward finalizing a list of keynotes to be approached, and finalizes the general overview for the conference (number of paper sessions, panels, author-meets-critics).

Chair: Algerian Hart, Missouri State University President-Elect


Algerian Hart, Missouri State University
Charles Crowley, Livingstone College
Emmett Gill, University of Texas, Austin
Jen Mcgovern, Monmouth University
Akilah Carter-Francique, CSU San Jose
Robert J. Lake, Douglas College
Jefferey Montez de Oca, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Cheryl Cooky, Purdue University
Brian Gearity, University of Denver
Wardell Johnson, Eastern Kentucky University
Courtney Flowers, Texas Southern University
Jasmine M. Hamilton, Prairie View A&M University
Emily Dane-Staples, St. John Fisher College
Julie Masterson, Missouri State University
Atish Patel, Missouri State University
J. Kenyatta Cavil, Texas Southern University
F. Michelle Richardson, Coppin State University
Tiara Cash, Arizona State University
Alexander Deeb, Millikin University
Jamie Ali, Concordia University Chicago


Finance Committee

Chair: Michael Friedman, Treasurer,

This three-person committee shall aid in the construction of a proposed budget in co-operation with the Treasurer, evaluate all existing fiscal policies of the Society, recommend changes to the Board of Directors, and appoint an auditor and report the results to the Board of Directors.


Diversity & Conference Climate Committee


The Diversity and Conference Climate Committee will coordinate with the NASSS Board of Directors to ensure diverse membership and conference programming, to enhance the intellectual vibrancy of the organization and conference program, and to schedule activities that facilitate a positive conference climate for all attendees. This committee also solicits, judges, and selects the Graduate Diversity Scholarship Award. The purpose of the scholarship is to create a mechanism to identify racial and/or ethnic "minority" graduate students who are doing research in the area of sport sociology and to provide a means of supporting their work and association with NASSS. The DCCC judges applications for this award between mid July and September.

Chair: F. Michelle Richardson, Coppin State University

Alaina DiGiorgio, Elms College
Elizabeth Taylor , Temple University
Christina Gipson, Georgia Southern
Sam Twito, University of Texas, Austin
Marques Dexter, University of Georgia
Judy Lao, University of Alberta
Janelle Joseph, University of Toronto

Elections (Nominations) Committee


Each JANUARY the Committee on Elections shall canvass the membership and the Board of Directors for nomination suggestions and shall then prepare, after having secured the permission of each nominee, a slate of nomination for the election of officers. The slate shall contain at least two candidates for each office. The committee chair works closely with the Web committee chair to conduct electronic voting and to record and report the election outcome.

Chair: Callie Maddox, University of Miami Ohio,

Anna Baeth
Jessica Chin (past-chair)
Marty Clark
Caitlin Clarke
Jesse Couture
jay johnson
Steve Marston
Matthew Masucci
Eileen Narcotta-Welp
Heather Van Mullem

Web and Communications Committee

Chair: Jen McGovern, Monmouth University

Facebook Team:
Jonathan Howe, The Ohio State University
Marques Dexter, University of Georgia

Twitter Team:
Nikolaus Dean, University of British Columbia
Judith McDonnell, Bryant University

Instagram Team:
Monica Rochon, Florida State University
Kristal McGreggor, University of Michigan

Conference Steering Committee

Chair and Conference Director:  Charles Crowley, Olivet College,
Co-Conference Locators: Robert Case, Old Dominion University & F. Michelle Richardson, The Citadel



Awards Committees

NASSS Outstanding Book Award

This committee of no less than three members shall review books published in the year previous to the award year, and shall select a winner to be announced at the Annual meeting of the membership. Books are typically divided for review according to primary and secondary reviewers. By September (or early October at the latest), committee members submit their reviews for all books to the Chair. Books are typically evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: originality, methodological adequacy, theoretical significance, and contribution to social science. Members of the committee are asked to provide a numerical rating as well as qualitative analysis for each criterion. Click here to see a list of past winners.

Chair:  Guy Harrison, Youngstown State,

Janelle Joseph, University of Toronto
Dafna Kaufman, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Chris Knoester, Ohio State University
Brett Pardy, McGill University


Sociology of Sport Journal (SSJ) Outstanding Article Award

This no-less-than-three-person committee shall review all SSJ articles in the year prior to the award year, and select a winner, to be announced at the next Annual meeting of the membership. The procedures follow those of other committees and include: a) committee formation; b) eligibility; c) review process; d) making the award; and e) wrap up. Click here to see a list of past award winners.

Chair: Jason Laurendeau, University of Lethbridge,


Aishwarya Ramachandran – University of British Columbia
Caitlin Vitosky Clarke – University of Illinois
Derek Silva – King’s University College

Barbara Brown Outstanding Student Paper Award

Student Paper Award Committee will consist of no less than three members and shall review all eligible papers submitted for consideration. One award may be given to a master level student and one to a doctoral student. The name(s) of the winner(s) will be announced at the Annual meeting of the membership. All committee members must read all of the papers. An Evaluation Sheet will be provided by the Chair to assess each paper. All student authors will be provided qualitative feedback from the reviewers. Evaluation should be completed by late September or early October. Click here to see a list of past winners.

Chair: Rob Lake, Douglas College,


Kristi Allain
Robbie Matz
Dunja Antunovich
Matthew Hawzen

Service Excellence Award

Chair: Akilah Carter-Francique, Past-President /



The Service Excellence Award Committee consists the chair (Past President) and three current NASSS members. Committee members shall have been NASSS members for at least ten years. Procedures include: a) committee formation; b) eligibility; c) criteria for what is deemed as distinguished; d) call for nominations; e) review process; f) making the award; and g) wrap up.

Click here to see a list of recipients.

SSJ Early Career Researcher Award


Sponsored by Human Kinetics, the "SSJ Early Career Researcher Award” is awarded to an early career NASSS member "in recognition of significant scholarly contributions to the sociology of sport field." The winner of the award will receive U.S.$1,000 and be recognized at the 2015 NASSS business meeting/awards.

Chair: Michael Giardina, Editor SSJ



Research Fellows Committee

Chair:  Jeff Montez de Oca, President,


Michael Giardina, SSJ Editor
Beth Cavalier, Executive Board
Cathy Van Ingen, Research Fellow
Michelle Richardson, Chair DCCC

2019-2020 Special Committees

These committees have been charged with exploring particular issues for the 2019-2020 business year.

  • Resolutions Committee: This committee will investigate the process and structure of advocacy on behalf of NASSS. In particular, the committee will examine for passing and adopting resolutions on behalf of NASSS.