Outstanding SSJ Article Award


2023:  Tricia McGuire-Adams, Janelle Joseph, Danielle Peers, Lindsay Eales, William Bridel, Chen Chen, Evelyn Hamdon, and Bethan Kingsley for their paper “Awakening to Elsewheres: Collectively Restorying Embodied Experiences of (Be)longing”
2022 Samantha King (Queen’s University) and Gavin Weedon (Nottingham Trent University) for their paper, “The Nature of the Body in Sport and Physical Culture: From Bodies and Environments to Ecological Embodiment”
2021 Thomas P. Oates (University of Iowa) “Where I’m From”: Jay-Z’s “Hip Hop Cosmopolitanism,” Basketball, and

the Neoliberal Politics of Urban Space”
2020. Moss Norman (University of British Columbia), Michael Hart (University of Calgary), LeAnne Petherick (University of British Columbia). Indigenous Gender Reformations: Physical Culture, Settler Colonialism and the Politics of Containment
2019.  Jenny McMahon (University of Tasmania), Camilla J. Knight (Swansea University), & Kerry R. McGannon (Laurentian University), Educating Parents of Children in Sport About Abuse Using Narrative Pedagogy
2018. Cheryl Cooky: "We Cannot Stand Idly By”: A Necessary Call for a Public Sociology of Sport
2017. Holly Thorpe: Athletic Women’s Experiences of Amenorrhea: Biomedical Technologies, Somatic Ethics and Embodied Subjectivities
2016  Jonathon Magee, Ramon Spaaij & Ruth Jeanes: “It’s recovery United for me”: Promises and pitfalls of football as part of mental health recovery.
2015 Samantha King, Scott Carey, Naila Jinnah, Rob Millington, Andrea Phillipson, Carolyn Prouse, and Matt Ventresca “When is a Drug Not a Drug? Troubling Silences and Unsettling Painkillers in the National Football League”
2014 Kyoung-Yim Kim Translation With Abusive Fidelity: Methodological Issues in Translating Media Texts About Korean LPGA Players

2013    Koji Kobayashi Corporate Nationalism and Globalization of Nike Advertising in Asia
2012    Michael A. Messner Gender ideologies, youth sports and the production of soft essentialism
2011    Ryan King-White (Towson University) Danny Almonte: Discursive Construction(s) of (Im)migrant Citizenship in Neoliberal America
2010    Thomas Patrick Oates (Penn State University) - New Media and the Repackaging of NFL Fandom
2009    Samantha King (Queen's University) - What's Queer About (Queer) Sport Sociology Now?
2008    Lisa McDermott (University of Alberta) - A Governmental Analysis of Children "at Risk" in a World of Physical Inactivity and Obesity Epidemics
2007    Laura Frances Chase (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) - (Un)Disciplined Bodies: A Foucauldian Analysis of Women's Rugby
2006    Cynthia Fabrizio Pelak (University of Memphis) - Athletes as Agents of Change: An Examination of Shifting Race Relations Within Women's Netball in Post-Apartheid South Africa
2005    Jay Scherer (University of Alberta) and Steven J. Jackson (University of Otago) - From Corporate Welfare to National Interest: Newspaper Analysis of the Public Subsidization of NHL Hockey Debate in Canada
2004    Ted Butryn (San Jose State University) - Posthuman Podiums: Cyborg Narratives of Elite Track and Field Athletes
2003    Joanne Kay and Suzanne Laberge (Université de Montréal) - Mapping the Field of "AR": Adventure Racing and Bourdieu's Concept of Field
2002    Michael Silk (University of Maryland) - Together We're One? The Place of the Nation in Media Representations of the 1998 Kuala Lompur Commonwealth Games
2001    Alan G. Ingham, Bryan J. Blissmer, and Kristen Wells Davidson (Miami University) - The Expendable Prolympic Self. Going Beyond the Boundaries of the Sociology of Sport
1999    Heather Sykes (University of Wisconsin) - Turning the Closets Inside/Out: Towards a Queer-Feminist Theory in Women's Physical Education
1997    Margaret MacNeill (University of Toronto) - Network: Producing Olympic Ice Hockey for a National Television Audience
1995    Naomi Fejgin (Wingate Institute) - Participation in High School Competitive Sports: A Subversion of School Mission or Contribution to Academic Goals?
1993    Tim Curry (Ohio State University) - Fraternal Bonding in the Locker Room: A Profeminist Analysis of Talk About Competition and Women

This award is presented to the author of the best article published in SSJ from the previous calendar year.  There is no application process; all articles from the previous calendar year are automatically entered.