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Membership dues are contingent on the role and home country of the individual.

Role -  Individuals can join as professionals or independent scholars.

  • Professionals can register for a one or a five-year membership. This category is for fulltime employed, tenure-stream/permanent faculty.
  • Independent Scholars,  can register one year at a time. This category is for scholars without expected institutional support generally enjoyed by fulltime employed, tenure-stream/permanent faculty. This can include job categories of unemployed, retired, contingently/contractually employed, and student.
  • Students - should join NASSS as independent scholars, even if they are currently affiliated with an institution.

Home Country - categorized as A (higher income nations), B (middle income nations), and C (lower income nations).
Download the Country Categories here.   [*Note: This PDF was created based on the information published by the International Sociological Association:]


On-line copy of journal accessNo journal Access
Professional A Membership$120$110
Professional B Membership$60$55
Professional C Membership$30$25
Five Year A Membership$542$532
Five Year B Membership$271$266
Five Year C Membership$135$133
Independent Scholar A Membership$50$20
Independent Scholar B Membership$25$10
Independent Scholar C Membership$15$5