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Please note that NASSS annual memberships align with the calendar year, meaning all memberships expire on December 31.
For reasons of privacy, we will not be posting current membership lists any longer. If you are uncertain of your membership status, please contact William Bridel at [email protected]

Membership dues are contingent on the role and home country of the individual.

Role -  Individuals can join as professionals or independent scholars.

  • Professionals can register for a one or a five-year membership. This category is for fulltime employed, tenure-stream/permanent faculty.
  • Independent Scholars,  can register one year at a time. This category is for scholars without expected institutional support generally enjoyed by fulltime employed, tenure-stream/permanent faculty. This can include job categories of unemployed, retired, contingently/contractually employed, and student.
  • Students - should join NASSS as independent scholars, even if they are currently affiliated with an institution.

Home Country - categorized as A (higher income nations), B (middle income nations), and C (lower income nations).
Download the Country Categories here.   [*Note: This PDF was created based on the information published by the International Sociological Association:]


On-line copy of journal accessNo journal Access
Professional A Membership$120$110
Professional B Membership$60$55
Professional C Membership$30$25
Five Year A Membership$542$532
Five Year B Membership$271$266
Five Year C Membership$135$133
Independent Scholar A Membership$50$20
Independent Scholar B Membership$25$10
Independent Scholar C Membership$15$5
*When registering in the Emeritus category, $60 is paid only the first year; in subsequent years registration is complimentary.