General Instructions for [email protected]

NASSS-serv is the official listserv of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS). Listserv access is limited to members of NASSS and the International Sport Sociology Association (ISSA). NASSS-serv membership consists of hundreds of members from around the world.

Appropriate postings and topics of discussion include: requests or announcements related to teaching, research, jobs/posts, conferences, publications, grants or funding, awards and recognitions, professional development, and official NASSS business, such as committee or award announcements.

NASSS-serv is unmoderated, however, our netiquette requires that all postings be signed. Anonymous posters will be contacted by the NASSS-serv manager and reminded of this policy; repeat offenders will be removed from the listserv.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am no longer able to post a message to a mailing list that I have previously used, what happened?

There are three common reasons why a subscriber can no longer post a message:

  1. The subscriber is no longer sending email to NASSS-serv from the email address that was registered, so the posting to NASSS-serv is being rejected. If you are having your email forwarded to a non-subscribed email address, this may be the problem. To fix this, you need to register the email address you want subscribed to NASSS-serv.
  2.  You are posting to the incorrect NASSS-serv email address. You must post to [email protected] and not anything else. Check to confirm you are posting to [email protected].
  3. Your email address has been removed from NASSS-serv for violating netiquette or the listserv manager has modified the settings.

How do I subscribe, unsubscribe, or manage my NASSS-serv settings?

NASSS and ISSA members are automatically subscribed to NASSS-serv at the end of the month they join either organization. Alternatively, if you are a NASSS or ISSA member and want to subscribe to the listserv, you can send an email to [email protected] The subject line and body of the email can be left blank.

To unsubscribe, send an email from your registered email address to [email protected]
If you want to unsubscribe an email address that you no longer have access to (such as an email address with a previous employer), contact the NASSS-serv manager.

NASSS-serv Manager

The NASSS-serv is managed by Dr. Brian Gearity, through the University of Denver. If you encounter any problems, have questions or suggestions, please contact him at [email protected].