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Professional Student Retired/Unemployed
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hard copy of Journal  $130 hard copy of Journal $60 Outside North America $70
Sustaining*, hard copy of Journal $145 no Journal $15 Members, no Journal $35 (for retired, there is only a fee for the first year, see bylaws)

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2017 Membership as of  October 31, 2017
(usually up-dated monthly).

Full Name, Affiliation
Full Name (First Last), Company/Organization
Carly Adams, University of Lethbridge
Mary Louise Adams, Queen's University
Nida Ahmad, University of Waikato
Keiko Aiba, Meiji Gakuin University
Adam Ali, Queen's University
Rachel Allison, Mississippi State University
Ezzeldin Aly, Florida A&M University
Shaun Anderson, Loyola Marymount University
David Andrews, University of Maryland
Ketra Armstrong, University of Michigan
Constancio Arnaldo, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Nadina Ayer, University of Waterloo
Kathleen Bachynski, NYU School of Medicine
Andrew Baerg, University of Houston-Victoria
Anna Baeth, University of Minnesota
Richard Bailey, The Ohio State University
Wendy Baker, Bryant University
Sarah Barnes, Queen's University
Simon Barrick, University of Calgary - Faculty of Kinesiology
Sunčica Bartoluci, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology
Becky Beal, California State University East Bay
Mark Beattie, The Ohio State University
Adam Beissel, Miami University
Sam Belkin, Case Western Reserve University
Chrystal Bell, Independent
Travis Bell, University of South Florida
Sam Bernstein, University of Tennessee
Albert Bimper, Colorado State University
Carly Block, Miami University
Kerri Bodin, Western University
Trevor Bopp, University of Florida
Alex Branco Fraga, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and University of Toronto
William Bridel, University of Calgary
Lauren Brooks, University of Ottawa
Paulina Brooks, Acadia University
Toni Bruce, University of Auckland
Eric Brunelle, HEC Montreal (University of Montreal)
Andrea Bundon, The University of British Columbia
Garrett Bunyak, Georgia Institute of Technology
Daniel Burdsey, University of Brighton
Ted Butryn, San Jose State University
Keqiang Cao, Shanghai University of Sport
Scott Carey, Queen's University
Kelly Carr, University of Windsor
Akilah Carter-Francique, Prairie View A&M University
Robert Case, Old Dominion University
Jayne Caudwell, Bournemouth University
Beth Cavalier, Georgia Gwinnett College
Tarlan Chahardovali, Florida State University
Sophy Chan, Queen's University
Alex Channon, University of Brighton
Kenneth Chaplin, John Carroll University
Caiyan Chen, University of Toronto
Rose Chepyator, University of Georgia
Naoki Chiba, Hokusho University
Jessica Chin, San Jose State University
Phillip Chipman, University of Ottawa
Laura Chittle, University of Windsor
Seongsik Cho, Hanyang University
Yeomi Choi, Korea National Sport University
Broderick Chow, Brunel University London
Jen Ciaccio, Temple University
Marty Clark, Mount Royal University
Samuel Clevenger, University of Maryland, College Park
Jay Coakley, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Diana Cohen, Central Connecticut State University
Bernadette Compton, Bowling Green State University
Emily Cookson, Charlottesville High School
Cheryl Cooky, Purdue University
Robin Cooley, Miami University
Danielle Coombs, Kent State University
Jesse Couture, University of British Columbia
Paige Coyne, University of Windsor
Todd Crosset, McCormack Dept of Sport Mgmt, Isenberg, UMass Amherst
Charles Crowley, California University of PA
Amanda Curtis, Lake Erie College
João Da Costa, Clemson University
Sean Dahlin, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Jian Dai, Shanghai University of Sport
Christine Dallaire, University of Ottawa
Emily Dane-Staples, St, John Fisher College
Madison Danford, University of Toronto
Adam D'Angelo, University of Windsor
Simon Darnell, University of Toronto
Judy Davidson, University of Alberta
Adriene Davis, Mississippi State University
Rich Davis, Western Illinois University
Laurel Davis-Delano, Springfield College
Mariel Day, University of Alberta
Nikolaus Dean, University of British Columbia
Alexander Deeb, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Bryan Denham, Clemson University
Jim Denison, University of Alberta
Marques Dexter, University of Georgia
Ian Dittes, Eastern Connecticut State University
Jess Dixon, University of Windsor
Michele Donnelly, Kent State University
Corina Doodewaard, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Amanda Draft, Wayne State University
Rick Eckstein, Villanova University
Shaun Edmonds, University of Maryland College Park
Sarah Eikleberry, W59492071
Daniel Eisenkraft Klein, University of Toronto
Laura Elliott, University of Toronto
KC Emerson, Langara College
Robert Engvall, Roger Williams University
Elisabeth Erickson, McKendree University
Katelyn Esmonde, University of Maryland
Daniel Evans, York University
Thomas Fabian, University of Western Ontario
Alexandra Fairchild, Cardinal Stritch University
Sarah Fields, University of Colorado Denver
Jonathan Finn, Wilfrid Laurier University
Courtney L, Flowers, Texas Southern University
Giovanna Follo, Wright State University - Lake Campus
Janita Frantsi, University of Alberta
Michael Friedman, University of Maryland
Vanessa Garcia-Gonzalez, Universidad Autonoma Chapingo
Joe Garland, University of Windsor
Brian Gearity, University of Denver
Sarah Gee, University of Windsor
Jennifer Gellock, Virginia Commonwealth University
R, C, George, York University
Chad Gerber, The Ohio State University
Michael Giardina, Florida State University
Audrey Giles, University of Ottawa
Emmett Gill, University of Texas at Austin
Christina Gipson, Georgia Southern University
Jordan Goldstein, Wilfrid Laurier University
Jake Graffagnino, Wingate University
Andrew Grainger, University of Maryland
Hope Grame-Zeller, Indiana University
Sarah Gray, University of Toronto
Ali Greey, University of Toronto
Meridith Griffin, McMaster University
Sara Grummert, University of California Riverside
Andrew Guest, University of Portland
Samantha Haering, Wingate University
Dr, Jasmine Hamilton, Prairie View A&M Univerity
Julius Hanks, Indiana University
Emily Hardell, San Jose State University
Janet Harris, San Diego State University
Guy Harrison, Youngstown State University
Louis Harrison, University of Texas at Austin
Algerian Hart, Western Illinois University
Siduri Haslerig, University of Oklahoma
Billy Hawkins, University of Houston
Matthew Hawzen, Florida State University
Lyndsay Hayhurst, York University
Caroline Heffernan, University of Minnesota
Michael Heine, University of Western Ontario
Linda Henderson, St, Mary's University
Dan Henhawk, University of Waterloo
Kathryn Henne, University of Waterloo/Australian National University
Taylor Henry, University of Iowa
Teresa Hill, University of Toronto
Jacob Hindin, Florida State University
Matthew Hodler, Miami University
John Horne, University of Central Lancashire
Sean Horton, University of Windsor
Emily Houghton, Fort Lewis College
Beau Manierre Houston, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Catherine Houston, University of Toronto
Dr, Robin Hughes, School of Education - IUPUI
Mark Hyman, George Washingtoin University
Nicole Ives-Allison, Brock University
Steve Jackson, University of Otago
Kathy Jamieson, CSU, Sacramento
Shannon Jette, University of Maryland
Alicia Johnson, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Jay Johnson, University of Manitoba
Wardell Johnson, Eastern Kentucky University
Janelle Joseph, University of Toronto
Deborah Jump, Manchester Metropolitan University
John Kaczorowski, Illinois State University
Rylan Kafara, The University of Alberta
Kent Kaiser, Univeristy of Northwestern
Ember Skye Kanelee, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mustafa Karacam, Queen's University
David Karen, Bryn Mawr College
Danika Kelly, University of Calgary
Roslyn Kerr, Lincoln University
Bruce Kidd, University of Toronto Scarborough
Victor Kidd, Univ of South Carolina - Sport and Entertainment Mgmt
Richard King, Washington State University
Samantha King, Queen's University
Ryan King-White, Towson University
Marissa Kiss, George Mason University
Alan Klein, Northeastern University
Yannick Kluch, Bowling Green State University
Chris Knoester, The Ohio State University
Koji Kobayashi, Lincoln University
Debra Kriger, University of Toronto
Sun-Yong Kwon, Seoul National University
Robert Lake, Douglas College
Aaron Lakoff, Concordia University
Richard Lapchick, The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, University of Central Florida
Jordan Larocque, University of Windsor
Guillaume Latour, Université du Québec à Montréal
Jason Laurendeau, University of Lethbridge
Jill Le Clair, Coventry University
Stacey Leavitt, University of Lethbridge
Seonghun Lee, University of Louisville
Jeffrey Levine, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Judy Liao, University of Alberta-- Augustana Campus
Pin-Chen Lin, Univeristy of Tennessee
Andrew Linden, Adrian College
Lucen Liu, University of Auckland
Stacy Lorenz, University of Alberta
Jennifer Lukow, High Point University
Cheryl MacDonald, University of Alberta
Steph MacKay, Currently unemployed
Margaret MacNeill, University of Toronto
Callie Maddox, Miami University
Justin Maietta, University of Maryland (College Park)
Michael Malec, Boston College
Amanda Manu, N/A
Amy Marfell, University of Waikato
Pirkko Markula, University of Alberta
David Marple, Loyola Marymount University
Rebecca Marsh, University of Alberta
Steve Marston, Franklin & Marshall College
Tiesha Martin, Virginia Commonwealth University
Matthew Masucci, San Jose State University
Robbie Matz, University of Georgia
Mary McDonald, Georgia Institute of Technology
Judith McDonnell, Bryant University
Jacqueline McDowell, George Mason University
Kerry McGannon, Laurentian University
Jen McGovern, Monmouth University / Political Science & Sociology
Kristal McGreggor, University of Michigan
Tricia McGuire-Adams, University of Ottawa
Braeden McKenzie, University of Alberta
J D McMillin, California State University, Bakersfield
Mitchell McSweeney, York University
Brian Menaker, Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Miriam Merrill, Hamilton College
Jennifer Metz, Towson University - Sport Management
Andrew Meyer, Baylor University
I, Shujaa Miller, Indiana University
Cathy Mills, University of British Columbia
Jeffrey Montez de Oca, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Jessica Monu, University of St Francis
Jorge Moraga, Washington State University
A, Jaime Morales Jr, , University of Tennessee
Erin Morris, SUNY Cortland
Kristen Morrison, University of Waterloo
Yuka Nakamura, York University
Benjamin Nam, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Eileen Narcotta-Welp, University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse
Laura Neil, Wilfrid Laurier University
Kristine Newhall, SUNY Cortland
Joshua Newman, Florida State University
Ajhanai Newton-Anderson, University of Connecticut
Brett Nichols, University of Northern Colorado
Emma Nilsson, Miami University
Dawn Norwood, Wingate University
Akuoma Nwadike, University of Connecticut
Thomas Oates, University of Iowa
Michael Odio, University of Cincinnati
Brendan O'Hallarn, Old Dominion University
Gozde Oncil, Queen's University
Steven Ortiz, Oregon State University
Kristi Oshiro, Texas A&M University
Lauren Osmer, University of Texas-Austin
Victoria Paraschak, University of Windsor
Megan Parietti, UW-Parkside
Doo Jae Park, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kelsey Parks Smith, Loughborough University
Andrea Patton, Utah State University
Demetrius Pearson, University of Houston
Robert Pecchio, CourtVision International
Danielle Peers, University of Alberta
Kip Pegley, Queen's University
Ann Pegoraro, Laurentian University
Thomas Perks, University of Lethbridge
Gretchen Peterson, University of Memphis
Laura Pipe, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Robert Pitter, Acadia University
Yuka Polovina, University of Hawaii
Jeff Porter, University of Michigan
Richard Pringle, University of Auckland
Ally Quinney, Florida State University
Aarti Ratna, Leeds Beckett University
Barbara Ravel, Laurentian University
Danyel Reiche, American University of Beirut
Andrea Reid, Queen's University
Kyle Rich, Brock University
Alexis Richardson, California University of Pennsylvania
F, Richardson, The Citadel
Oliver Rick, Springfield College
B, David Ridpath, Ohio University
Brenda Riemer, Eastern Michigan University
Ian Ritchie, Brock University
Cheryl Rode, Niagara University
Ellen Rodgers, George Mason University
Katie Rodgers, Coe College
R, Pierre Rodgers, George Mason University
Nino Rodriguez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Maura Rosenthal, Bridgewater State University
Adam Rugg, Fairfield Univesity
Ky Russell, San Jose State University
Parissa Safai, York University
George Sage, University of Northern Colorado
Gary Sailes, Indiana University
Latrice Sales, University of Texas at Austin
James Satterfield, Missouri State University
Jay Scherer, University of Alberta
Samuel Schmidt, University of Louisville
Casey Schreiber, Dillard University
Vicki Schull, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Stephanie Seymour, Universty of Toronto
Urooj Shahzadi, University of Toronto
Stephen Sheps, Ryerson University
Richard Sheptak, Baldwin Wallace University
Xiaoqiang Shi, Shanghai University of Sport
Jessica Siegele, University of Tennessee
Tyler Sigmon, Towson University
Deana Simonetto, Wilfrid Laurier University
Elena Simpkins, University of Michigan
Jessica Skolnikoff, Roger Williams University
D, Randall Smith, Rutgers University
Maureen Smith, California State University, Sacramento
Robyn Smith, University of Toronto
Tavis Smith, University of Toronto
Zachary Smith, University of Tennessee
Froukje Smits, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
Carl Soderling, Grand Valley State University
Katja Sonkeng, University of Georgia
Ramon Spaaij, Victoria University & University of Amsterdam
Lequez Spearman, St, John's University
Nancy Spencer, Bowling Green State University
Jane Stangl, Smith College
Ellen Staurowsky, Drexel University
Jennifer Sterling, University of Iowa
Eric Stone, University of Maryland
Nicholas Stoyan, Niagara University
Terese Stratta, Clarke University
David Suggs, University of Georgia
Katie Sveinson, University of Regina
Synthia Sydnor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Heather Sykes, University of Toronto
Courtney Szto, Simon Fraser University
Bahar Tajrobehkar, University of Toronto
Elizabeth Taylor, Temple University
Neal Ternes, Florida State University
Alan Tomlinson, University of Brighton
James Tompsett, The Ohio State University
Ann Travers, Simon Fraser University
Patrick Tutka, Niagara University
Samuel Twito, University of Texas
Noah Underwood, University of Alberta
Lindsay Usher, Old Dominion University
Mariann Vaczi, University of Nevada, Reno
Joshua Vadeboncoeur, University of Florida
Michael Van Bussel, Fanshawe College
Cathy Van Ingen, Brock University
Nicolien Van Luijk, University of Ottawa
Heather Van Mullem, Lewis-Clark State College
Matt Ventresca, Georgia Institute of Technology
Patricia Vertinsky, University British Columbia
Elise Vist, University of Waterloo
Caitlin Vitosky, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Faye Wachs, Cal Poly Pomona
Stephan Walk, California State University, Fullerton, Irvine Campus
Eddie Walker, University of Minnesota Crookston
Scott Waltemyer, Texas A&M University
Theresa Walton-Fisette, Kent State University
Yosuke Washiya, University of Toronto
Nicholas Watanabe, University of South Carolina
Michele Watts, Wayne State University
Anthony Weems, Texas A&M University
Meredith Whitley, Adelphi University
Jennifer Wigglesworth, Queen's University
Anthony Williams, Western Illinois University
Diane Williams, University of Iowa
Sarah Williams, University of Louisville
Nicole Willms, Gonzaga University
Brian Wilson, University of British Columbia
Sam Winemiller, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Melissa Wiser, Ohio State University
Joy Woods, University of Iowa College of Public health
Grace Yan, University of South Carolina
Erica Zonder, Eastern Michigan University