2018 Conference Information

October 31- November 3rd, Vancouver, BC, Canada

As early as the first Olympic Games, sport has moved to the harmonies of music. In and throughout the event music has been used to frame the games through the “Olympic Hymn”, “Bulger’s Dream”, and “Summon the Heroes”. Appreciatively, each representative host country has framed the Games with their nation’s musical expression soundtrack. Across the globe, sport and music occupy the same space to set the tone of a sporting event, serve as a backdrop for a performance, support an athlete in their development and preparation, or facilitate the delivery of fitness training. Sport and music as cultural institutions share a bond, some might say they have a symbiotic relationship as they have worked together to elevate the production and consumption of their respective products. Sport and music forge communities, imbue national pride, and promote cultural identities.

Preliminary Schedule

Click to download a PDF of the preliminary 2018 Conference Schedule.

NASSS 2018 Preliminary Conference Schedule

(Updated 9/4/2018)

The conference hotel is the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver.
Hotel website: https://vancouver.regency.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html

Please book your rooms with the Hyatt Regency prior to October 8, 2018 by using the following link:

You can also make reservations by phone: 1-888-421-1442 (North America) and 1-402-592-6464 (International) and inform them you're with NASSS.

Guest Room Rates

Hotel has confirmed the following Guest Room Rates, per night (Canadian dollars):
Single occupancy: $189.00
Double occupancy: $189.00
Triple occupancy: $199.00*
Quadruple occupancy: $209.00*
View room: Additional $30.00 per room per night
Balcony room: Additional $30.00 per room per night
Balcony view room: Additional $50.00 per room per night
Regency Club: Additional $125.00 per room per night
*Hyatt Regency will allow up to ten (10) triple/quadruple rooms at a reduced rate of $199.00 for triple and $209.00 for quad occupancy.

All room rates are subject to appropriate federal, provincial, municipal, and local occupancy taxes and fees in effect at the time of the conference. These are currently at 5% Goods and Service Tax (GST), 8% Provincial Sales Tax (PST), 3% Municipal Regional District Tax (MRDT), and 1.5% Destination Marketing Fee (DMF). Total taxes and fees equate to 17.5%.

Registration for our 2018 conference, Sport Soundtrack: Sport, Music, and Culture, is now open.

The following link will take you to the event website, with a link to the registration page: https://www.regonline.com/2018nasssconferencevancouverbc

A reminder that you need to be a current NASSS member to present at the conference. You can purchase your membership at https://nasss.org/join/

If you have any questions about the conference registration process, please contact the conference steering committee chair William Bridel at william.bridel@ucalgary.ca.



The NASSS Conference is a great place for grad students to meet each other and to interact with faculty in their field. The NASSS grad reps organize several programs to help graduate students get the most out of the conference.

You can also contact grad rep Katie Esmonde ) or Sophy Chan ( 15swsc@queensu.ca) with any questions about the programs.

Grad Student Room Share:

Sharing a room can help with your expenses and allow you to meet other students. NASSS Grad Reps help interested grad students meet others who want to share the cost of a hotel room.

If you are interested in Room Share, please send an email Katie Esmonde (kesmonde@umd.edu) with the subject line "Graduate Student Room Share".  Send her a brief note and she will send you a link that will enable you to connect with other students who are seeking rooms.

Take a Student to Lunch

This program is a valuable way for grad students to connect with faculty during the conference. Information will be posted as it is available.

Graduate Student Specific Events

Each year, the graduate reps help organize a panel lunch and a social at the conference.  Information will be posted as it is available.


For more information on Graduate Students or to explore a list of graduate programs, visit our grads page.