2018 Elections

The Elections Committee (EC) is pleased to announce the results of the 2018 NASSS elections. Please join us in congratulating the newest members of the NASSS executive board (below). They will begin their duties after the business meeting at this year's conference in Vancouver

Jeffrey Montez de Oca

Beth Cavalier

Rob Lake

Diversity and Conference Climate Committee (DCCC) Chair
F. Michelle Richardson

Graduate Student Representative
Jesse Couture

The positions open for 2018 are

1. President-Elect (3 year commitment). Year one as President-Elect (responsible for organizing NASSS conference)*; Year two as President (oversees the business of NASSS and delivers Presidential Address); Year three as Past-President (serves in a mentoring role to the Pres and Pres-Elect, chairs the Service Excellence Award Committee and is a member of the SSJ Early Career Researcher Award Committee).

*Note: the newly elected P-E will be invited to serve on the current Conference Program Committee prior to entering the role as P-E in November.

2. Secretary (2 year position). Record minutes at all Board meetings; ensure that actions of the Board continue to move forward and are documented for the organization throughout the year.

3. Member-at-Large (MAL) (Canadian or US) (2 year position). In this position, the MAL shall chair a different committee each of the two years of the term (the Barbara Brown Outstanding Student Paper Award, the Outstanding SSJ Article Award or the Outstanding Book Award), while also participating in Board meetings over email during the year and at Board meetings while at the annual conference in November.

4. Diversity and Conference Climate Committee (DCCC) Chair (3 year position). Coordinate efforts between the President-Elect as the conference program chair and the DCCC to ensure diverse membership and conference programming; work with DCCC to promote, enhance and facilitate a positive conference climate; lead the DCCC in soliciting nominations for, judging, and selecting recipients for the Gary Sailes Graduate Diversity Scholarship.

5. Graduate Student Representative (2 year position). Elected by graduate students. Represent the views of graduate students to the Board; inform graduate students about the Board’s activities. The grad student reps are traditionally involved in assisting other graduate students find shared accommodation for the conference, coordinating the signups for ‘take a student to lunch' and assisting with the book raffle. Additional initiatives, with the goal of addressing issues specific to graduate students and improving their conference experience, are encouraged (for example, organizing graduate student-focused conference sessions or social events).

If you are interested in finding out more about these positions, feel free to contact a current or past NASSS Board member in those positions: https://nasss.org/about/exec-board/.

You can also read about these positions in the NASSS Constitution and Bylaws and in the Policy and Procedures Manual, which are posted on the NASSS website: NASSS.org/about/documents.

Elections are slated to run from March 12-26. All elected representatives would begin your duties by attending Board meetings at the 2018 NASSS conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Oct. 31-Nov 3.*

Please renew your membership if you have not done so already for 2018. You must be a current NASSS member to vote in the upcoming elections and to run for office. You can join NASSS through the link on the NASSS website: https://nasss.org/join/

Having an effective Board is key to operating as a responsive and proactive organization; we look forward to supporting all those who are interested in participating in this important service. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the elections process.


2018 NASSS Elections Committee

Jessica Chin (Chair): jessica.chin@sjsu.edu
Anna Baeth: baeth003@umn.edu
Callie Batts: maddoxce@miamioh.edu
Robin Hughes: roblhugh@indiana.edu
jay johnson: jay.johnson@umanitoba.ca
Matt Masucci: matthew.masucci@sjsu.edu