Scholars Enlightened Engaged Disrupting Structures

Formerly known as Junior Scholars of Color Mentoring Program

With the support of the NASSS Executive Board, President, President-elect, and Treasurer, the SEEDS mentoring program will occur in Chicago with the leadership of Ajhanai Keaton, Christopher McCleod, Umer Hussain, Eun Jung, Billy Hawkins, Jeffrey Montez de Oca, and Judy Liao. SEEDS is a mentoring program for racially minoritized graduate students and junior faculty. This programmatic effort is an attempt to create a healing, supportive space for emergent scholars with marginalized racial identities within NASSS to facilitate their ability to thrive within NASSS and academia at large, while also fostering future generations of engaged scholars. 

All NASSS graduate students and junior faculty of color regardless of citizenship or nationality are encouraged to apply to this program. Advisers, please encourage your students and junior colleagues to apply!

The broader goals of this program include:

  • Create a space where graduate students and junior faculty of color will develop key skills necessary for success in academia, especially publishing, empowering communities of color, and leadership. This will be accomplished through. 
    • Pedagogical workshops
    • Writing workshops with peers and senior scholars
    • Workshops on and modeling mentorship for both fellows and mentors
  • Cultivate a healthful, intellectual community that will support junior scholars in their academic journey.
  • Strategizing professional trajectories from grad school through the job market.
  • Expand theories of race in sport sociology by drawing upon fields including but not limited to: Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, Latinx Studies, Diaspora Studies, Indigenous Studies, Critical Sustainability Studies, Black Studies, Gender Studies, History, Political Ecology, Critical Disability Studies, Global South Sports Studies, and Sexuality Studies. 

What is expected of participants:

  • Commit to attend and engage in all pre-conference program activities.
    • Generally, the format of this program, whether in-person or virtual, will match the conference format.
    • However, if you cannot fully commit to attending in person, hybrid engagement for portions of the program will be made available.
  • Register for and attend the 2024 annual NASSS conference in Chicago
  • Submit an unpublished piece of scholarly writing (e.g. manuscript for a journal or book chapter, dissertation chapter, grant proposal, policy document) that you will workshop with two other junior scholars and one senior scholar mentor.
    • The writing sample is due September 1, 2024.
    • Very rough drafts and works in progress are valued. 
  • Provide critical, constructive feedback on two other junior scholars’ writing.
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with mentors and peers.

To apply, please submit an application to [email protected] by May 22, 2024. People that previously participated in the program are welcome to apply again. However, priority will be given to first-time participants. Your application should include a two-page personal statement that addresses:

● What are your research interests?
● What kind of scholar are you becoming (researcher, teacher, community-based practitioner, or combination)?
● What level of access do you currently have to mentoring?
● What skills would you like to develop in the workshop?
● What topics or issues do you want to discuss at the workshop?

We also need mentors!

Are you a NASSS member with a Ph.D. degree, and are committed to cultivating and fostering emergent scholars of color? Do you enjoy providing effective professional guidance and detailed constructive feedback on emergent scholars’ writing? Are you willing to maintain professional relationships within a network of emergent scholars outside of your home institution? Are you willing to expand the intellectual communities of emergent scholars from underrepresented communities? Then you could be an excellent mentor in this program! If you would like to participate in this program as a mentor, please use this Google form to sign up by please email Ajhani Keaton to sign up by May 22, 2024 People that previously mentored in the program are welcome to apply again. However, priority will be given to first-time participants.

To make this program accessible and inclusive, participants and mentors will each enjoy one complimentary night (double occupancy) in the conference hotel, plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the day of the pre-conference program. Mentors will also receive a modest honorarium.

For questions or more information about this program, please contact any of the organizing committee members: