2020 Conference

For the first time since our inaugural conference in 1980 this year’s conference will be cancelled.
The conference had been scheduled for 4-7 November 2020 in New Orleans, LA.

The NASSS Board realizes that the annual conferences are important professional opportunities for our membership, especially junior faculty and graduate students. They are the life blood of our society where social networks are built and old relationships renewed. Moreover, the conferences keep NASSS financially viable.

However, given the many and competing obligations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board decided to prioritize safety and equity by cancelling the conference. At this time, we are gauging interest in hosting a virtual conference and will update the membership when we learn the result of the survey.

The conference theme will remain the same, and is included in the information below.

Change Agents’: Cultivating the Seeds of Access within the Sociology of Sport

Sport diaspora has developed beyond the allusion that it belongs to a particular group. Sport is interwoven into the lives and cultures of people globally and has an inherent and inimitable ability to connect people while providing opportunities to transform individuals and communities. However, the notion of inclusive sport diaspora in many spaces would remain exclusive without the change agents who have sojourned to empower pathways of access, which illuminate the invisible individual, thus, promoting their valuable power to the collective community. In the Sociology of Sport, diaspora can be applied as ground-breaking, pioneering, and inventive. Nonetheless, for this evolution of sport access to occur, the cultivation of the seeds that foster change, must be nurtured. As described by W.E.B. Du Bois (1995) “Proof Of The Seed”, he states “To be sure, good seed proves itself in the flower and fruit, but the failure of the seed to sprout is no proof that it is not good. It may be proof simply of the absence of manure--- or its excessive presence”(p. 473). The North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, is positioned uniquely to provide a platform in New Orleans, Louisiana that supports inclusive access which is primary toward the production of ideas where sport access is mandatory, and the intentionality to cultivate spaces that empower participation are vital to our global sport communities.

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Call for Abstracts

If NASSS decides to have a virtual conference, we will post a call for Abstracts here.



Conference Registration

Registration for the 2020 Conference is not yet available.

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