Volunteer for NASSS

For more information on the committees, head to our committees page. To volunteer, fill out the form below.

The volunteer sign-up form is now closed.

Please remember that all NASSS committee members must have a current membership. If you are selected to serve, the committee chair will contact you.  You will have to renew your membership before beginning your term.

Please note that due to changes in our NASSS calendar, the 2021 positions have different time commitments.

  • The conference planning committee will serve from April 2021 through the April 2022 Conference.
  • The awards committees will begin their term upon selection in Spring 2021. They will still be choosing award winners for November 2021, thus their terms will end in November 2021.
  • Other committees will add members in the Spring. Committee members will agree to serve though November 2021, with a possible extension to April or November 2022, as determined by the committee chair.